Welcome To The Eclection Wiki

eclectech.jpgThis is an environment for educators, particularly teacher-librarians, to collaborate on all facets of the school library program - information fluency, technology, instructional partnering, literacy, and management.

In the current educational climate, there is a very clear mandate for a shift from putting an emphasis on finding and accessing to knowledge building (Todd). Engaged in renewal and continuous improvement, teacher-librarians are searching for ways to guide students more meaningfully in their inquiry and reading to build deep knowledge and understanding.

This wiki attempts to present an eclectic collection of education artifacts within an enabling participatory culture in which to:
  1. Explore and illustrate examples of emerging technologies and literacy practices that impact the role of the teacher-librarian
  2. Enhance and enrich knowledge sharing and capability development through professional development
  3. Enable learners to construct sense and new knowledge using a repetoire of social media
  4. Implement, through a constructivist, inquiry-based framework, educational uses of technology that facilitate school improvement (ISTE NETS Project)
  5. Collect irrefutable data of the impact of the school library program upon student achievement (Evidence-Based Practice)
  6. Understand the concept of participatory culture and its impact on learning, teaching, and school libraries (Confronting the Challenges of Participatory Culture: Media Education for the 21st Century)
  7. Demonstrate effective school library programme leadership, collaboration, and management throughout the school, the division, and in local, provincial, and national activities and associations.

Eclection is maintained by Carlene Walter