Reading Promotion


Make an Event of It!

Attract patrons by selecting an engaging theme that offers broad possibilities for developing students' conceptual understanding in concert with building reading skills. An effective theme offers varied opportunities for inquiry, the incorporation of quality literature, and the ability to build connections and skills such as finding evidence from text, predicting, and inferring.

To create an effective theme:
- Select a theme rich in possibilities for interdisciplinary connections
- Identify literacy outcomes
- Design learning activities
- Furnish the library accordingly



Hollywood - A Glitzy Library Theme

Showcase new books with style with this glitzy school library theme!

Banned Books Week

Banned Books Week: Celebrating the Freedom to Read is observed during the last week of September each year. in the United States. Canada celebrates Freedom To Read in February.
View the Banned Books Wiki page for ideas for promoting awareness of challenges to library materials and celebrating our democratic freedoms.

Teen Read Week

During the third week of October, join school libraries in celebrating this year’s **Teen Read Week**. Teen Read Week is an annual literacy initiative of the Young Adult Library Services Association (YALSA), a division of the American Library Association. Showcase your school library's teen services - informing your patrons of the possibilities that exist within your doors, and within the covers of books.

Canadian Author Month

November is Canadian Author Month.
Bev Turgeon, the teacher-librarian from Valley Manor, celebrated Canadian authors through the reading promotion Are You Smarter Than A Teacher-Librarian?

Book Blitz Month

librarycafe.gifPerk up the school library by featuring a Library Café during January’s National Book Blitz Month. Feed the soul and palate of your library patrons by creating a quiet haven to relax, read the latest favourite published reads, and nibble on tasty treats. Extend the theme by providing brain food during scrumptious storytimes and delicious integrated library skill lessons.

Take the chill out of the frosty air by creating an intimate reading lounge. Comfortable seating, toss cushions, and soft lighting provide an intimate reading environment. Invite the student population and the community to the Library Café. At least once a week, for an hour prior to the start of school, invite caregivers and their children to spend time reading and sharing books. Serve hot cocoa and breakfast treats. Contact local coffeehouses to supply the nutrition and hot beverages. Extend the café to feature an artist or writer in residence. Spotlight a different student’s art, music, or writings per Library Café.

The Library Café can be a place for book club members to dine and celebrate with the teacher-librarian during the lunch hour. As the morning café features “free” reading time, the lunch café is an environment rich with discussion of the latest and most popular titles. Book club members debate the merits of their favourite reads from a selected list. Though dialogue and consensus, members produce a booklist of the Top Reads. Feed their brain with not only great reads, but delightful snacks. Display favourite books as chosen by your readers. Change the books periodically to feature winners in different genres or categories.

Library Lovers Month

February is Library Lovers month.
Explore the teen romance genre with this reading promotion - .

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month.
Explore the genre with this reading promotion -

Get Caught Reading Month

May is Get Caught Reading month and the perfect time to plan students' summer reading list.
To celebrate, try one or more of the following ideas:
  • Order posters of Get Caught Reading celebrities for display
  • Use Get Caught Reading artwork on signs, posters and other materials for your school or library.
  • Dedicate a half hour each day to reading and call it "Get Caught Reading Time."
  • Take pictures of students and people in the neighbourhood who were caught reading and post them on bulletin boards. Click here to download the logo for posters.
  • Set up a Get Caught Reading event in your community, and invite local radio and television personalities and other community figures to read aloud to students.
  • Set up a Get Caught Reading book discussion club.
  • Set up Speed Dating For Books

Mother-Daughter Book Club

Mother And Daughter Book Club is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The reading promotion Mom And Me provides a chance to partake in the “bridge of sharing” – talking and sharing ideas and feelings provoked by stories.