Program Planning

An effective teacher-librarian communicates their program and services. Patrons must understand what you an offer in order to build collegial relationships.

If You Give A Teacher a Cookie

apologies to Laura Numeroff
If you give a teacher a cookie.
Chances are, she'll come by the library to say "thanks."
When she does, she'll probably want to look at all the professional section.
She'll want to sign some out,
Then she'll see shelves of periodicals and
DVDs in the cabinets.
She'll probably look around and notice books about EVERYTHING!!!
She'll want to know about the ___ (fill in something unique about your library)
And the patron catalog and United Streaming and other kinds of educational materials.
All that discovering will make her hungry,
And when she goes to the desk to check out her books, she'll probably ask if
You have any more cookies.
(Source Unknown)

Long Range Plans

How Can We Help? - Distribute this form, created by Joyce Valenza, at the beginning of the school year to facilitate co-planning and effective scheduling.
Teacher-Librarian Planning Documents - Forms, created by PA Catholic teacher-librarians, to assist yearly planning
LRC Introductory Documents For Staff - Orientation Schedule template and Planning Overview template

Calendar of Activities

The Web page, Calendar of Activities, outlines special celebrations related to school libraries for each month of the year.

Reading Promotion

The Web page, Reading Promotion, details ways to to engender a passion for reading and to highlight great reads inavailable to the school library.