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Develop Your Own PLN (Professional Learning Network)

Library Blogs To Follow
    1. JoyceValenza’s NeverEnding Search
    2. BuffyHamilton’s The UniquietLibrarian
    3. JenniferLaGarde’s Library Girl
    4. Judy O’Connell’s Hey Jude
    5. DougJohnson’s Blue Skunk Blog
    6. StephenAbram’s Stephen’s Lighthouse
    7. GwynethJone’s The Daring Librarian
    8. Cathy Nelson”s Professional Thoughts
    9. Carlene Walter's Eclectech Librarian

Technology Blogs To Follow
    1. Will Richardson’s Will
    2. DavidWarlick’s 2 Cents Worth Blog
    3. SilviaTolisano’s Langwitches
    4. WesFryer’s Moving at the Speed of Creativity
    5. Powerful Learning Practices
    6. Rodd Lucier’s The Clever Sheep
    7. Mindshift

Educational Blogs To Follow
    1. Richard Byrne’s Free Technology forTeachers
    2. Lee Kolbert’s A Geeky Momma’s Blog
    3. Angela Maiers Blog
    4. George Couros’s The Principal of Change
    5. Kathy Cassidy's Blog

Home Grown Blogs To Flow
    1. DeanShareski’s Ideas and Thoughts
    2. Carlene Walter's Eclectech
    3. Joanna Sanders Bobiash’s My Adventures in EducationalTechnology
    4. Shelley Wright’s Wright’s Room
    5. Tamzen Kulyk’s From My Shelf to Yours
Library Tweeters To Follow #tlchat #cdntl#sasksla
    1. Joyce Valenza (@joycevalenza)
    2. Buffy Hamilton (@buffyjhamilton)
    3. Jennifer LaGarde (@jenniferlagarde)
    4. Judy O’Connell (@heyjudeonline)
    5. Doug Johnson (@BlueSkunkBlog)
    6. Stephen Abram (@sabram)
    7. Gwyneth Jones (@gwynethjones)
    8. Cathy Nelson (@cathyjo)
    9. Dianne Mckenzie (@dimac)

Technology Tweeters To Follow
    1. Will Richardson (@willrich45)
    2. SilviaTolisano (@ Langwitches)
    3. WesFryer (@wfryer)
    4. RoddLucier (@thecleversheep)
    5. Steve Hargadon (@shargadon)
    6. Danah boyd (@zephoria)

Education Tweeters To Follow (#edchat #mathchat)
    1. Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne)
    2. Lee Kolbert (@TeachaKidd)
    3. Angela Maiers (@angelamaiers)
    4. George Couros (@gcouros)
    5. Alec Couros (@courosa)

Home Grown Tweeters To Follow
    1. Dean Shareski (@shareski)
    2. Carlene Walter (@carlenewalter)
    3. Joanna Sanders Bobiash (@bobiashj)
    4. Shelley Wright (@wrightsroom)
    5. Tamzen Kulyk (@tkulyk)
    6. Kathy Cassidy (@kathycassidy)

Other Resources to Develop and Manage Your PLN
    1. PLN Starter Kit using LiveBinders by Jennifer LaGuarde
    2. It's a Small World After All:Developing Personal Learning Networks for the “Connected Educator” Jennifer LaGuarde's Keynote Presentation (May 2012)
    3. Stages of PLN Adoption by Jeff Utecht: Blogpost from The Thinking Stick
    4. Building Your Personal Leaning Network by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano: Blogpost from Langwitches
    5. Tools for Developing a PLN Symbaloo

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