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Teacher-Librarian Induction

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Teacher-librarians and teachers are cohorts in the learning process. This is a respectful relationship, based on trust and rapport with the goal to benefit student learning.

As an instructional leader, the teacher-librarian is responsible for:
  • Collaborating with teachers to identify resources that support provincial curriculum outcomes and developing strategies for integrating these resources into the instructional program.
  • Collaborating with teachers to integrate activities and resources that develop information literacy outcomes across the curriculum.
  • Working with students, teaching them to locate information appropriate to their needs, assess its relevance, use it for educational purposes, share it with others, and integrate it with what they already know to create new knowledge and new understandings.
  • Supporting other teachers as they grow in their abilities to locate and analyze information and to use information for personal and professional development.
  • Assisting students, teachers, and administrators to use technologies to locate, use, and share information and ideas.
Connections Document, Ministry of Education, 2008


  1. The Teacher-Librarian As An Instructional Leader
  2. Collaborating With Teachers
  3. Inquiry Learning

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