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Teacher-Librarian Induction

Information Specialist

Resized_NETSS_graphic_web12-07.jpgAs an information specialist, the teacher-librarian is responsible for:
  • Locating, acquiring, evaluating, using, and sharing information in all its forms for a variety of purposes.
  • Modelling processes for locating, acquiring, evaluating, using, and sharing information for the benefit of others in the school community.
  • Collaborating with teachers and other professionals to select resources for inclusion in the school library and to weed the collection so it reflects the school’s educational needs and the criteria in the school division’s selection policy.
  • Serving as the school’s main contact in the division’s information technology department.
  • Ensuring, in collaboration with the school division technology specialist, that the technological infrastructure used to access and share information is operating effectively.
  • Staying abreast of current and emerging technologies that can be used to access, deliver, and share information; assessing the appropriateness of those technologies for the school library; and make recommendations regarding their acquisition.

Connections Document, Ministry of Education, 2008

  1. Teacher-Librarian As An Information Specialist

    Information Literacy
    ISTE's National Educational Technology Standards>
    AASL's Standards for the 21st Century Learner> Inquiry Learning

  2. Digital Citizenship
    Digital Citizenship
    Digital Citizenship (Mike Ribble)
    Creative Commons

    Dr. Michael Geist - Fair Dealing

  3. Open Source and Content
    Web-Based Applications
    - Wikis
    - Blogs
    Web Development
    - Online Tools and Applications
    - Video
    - Photos
    - Images
    - Music

  4. Information Literacy
    ILA NetSafe Bookmarks
    Media Awareness
    Search Tools
    - Google Advanced Search
    - Wolfram
    - Other Search Engines
    - Google Image Search
    Ministry's Online Databases>
    Evaluation of Web Sites
    - Web Site Evaluation Wizard
    - Only2Clicks

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