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To assist with the location of needed materials and the use of the online catalogue, introduce students to Melvin Dewey and his categorization system by inviting them to the Chez Dewey Restaurant (Scott-McKenzie, 2008 and Adame, 2008). Students assume the role of customers, servers, cooks, or buspeople. Seated at checkerboard tableclothed tables, the “customers” order their meals/book topics. The servers, adorned in black bowties, record the customers’ requests (book order requests) on order slips (sticky notes) and send the orders to the cooks. The order slip (sticky note) is placed on the computer where the cooks are seated. The cooks prepare the meal (search the online catalogue for the topic) and record the Dewey Decimal listing for the requested meal (an exact title) next to the subject. Servers locate the requested meal (the exact title) and serve the brain food to the customer.

In the event the customer is unsatisfied with their meal, the order can be changed or the waiter can inform the patron that the Chez Dewey Restaurant is their selection is unavailable this evening. Serving as the Maître D, the teacher-librarian assists with management and organization issues. As the host, the Maître D engages in conversation with customers, asking them about their favourite "meals" (books) or provide give them free appetizers (joke books or magazines) - light fare that does not fill them up. The Maitre D’ could also issue rain checks (a recess or lunch pass for check out) to customers whose orders were unfulfilled. The buspeople walk around the restaurant with a cart, clearing the tables (shelving books

While waiting, customers can complete activities on their placemat. The activities could be related to the Dewey decimal classification, locating materials within the school library, or descriptions of new great reads

To alleviate the potential of having customers request subjects that are unavailable or nonexistent, differentiate the activity by creating one of the sample menus outlined below from which the customers can order from.

Menu #1 - The menu can include prices relating to the Dewey Decimal numbers. The menus could also be created to feature only items that coordinate with the students’ current studies.
"Biography Bake" - would cost $921.00
"Fossil Fingers" would cost $569.00
Appetizers (000-400 dollars)
Mains (500-600 dollars)
Desserts (700-900 dollars)

Menu #2 - Create a menu of topics so students do not pick topics in which there are not available books in the library. Each customer has to choose three items from the menu. The waiter went back to the customer with a different menu that had the answers on it, so the customers could "check" their order.

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These documents were posted on LM_NET with the understanding that they are free to share.

The concept of Chez Dewey restaurant was conceived by Jennie Scott-McKenzie,, at the International School of Belgrade, Serbia. The idea was elaborated upon by Shiloh Adame,, at Westfield Community School and Lincoln Prairie Elementary.

Dewey Browser Card

Created by Laurie Hnatiuk, an Dewey Browser Card is placed on one side of a browser card to facilitate location of desired materials by students. On the flip side of the browser card place interesting facts, such as Did you know? (Hnatiuk) or a self-evaluation of chosen texts, such as Bookmatch.