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Build A Choice Collection

Digital Collection and Curation

The library resource centre has evolved - it now considers digital content as part of its collection, extends beyond its brick and mortar edifice, and is accessible anytime and anywhere.

The digital collection offers resources from many sources, and in many formats, that are not available in physical collections. The items in the collection do not have to reside on one server, but share a common interface to assist students in accessing the collection. Preference should be given to open standards and non-proprietary technologies that support long-term sustainability. Digital content must also be given the same consideration as other school library materials when conducting collection development, organization and cataloguing of works, reference services, and preservation.

The unprecedented access to information and ideas can overwhelm students. Customized virtual libraries, with preselected resources on different topics, can help organize and access materials related to studied topics.

Digital Collection

The digital collection can encompass the following:

Search Engines

Social Bookmarking
Bookmarks can be created for research and for literature circles to support conversation.

Citation Generators

Research Sources


Copyright Friendly Links

  • Audible
  • Student Produced - Collection is also student work

Digital Storytelling

There are many interfaces to organize the virtual collection and ease access.

Student Created Information Portals
Help students set up their own information portals:
  • Frontload with links that students are to add to their pages
  • Students then customize

Collection Development