Build A Choice Collection

Collection Mapping
Collection mapping allows the teacher-librarian to gain a holistic view of the current collection in order to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and then set projections through goals and projects.
    • How do I identify areas of collection need?
    • Should I be reporting collection statistics to the administration?
    • Am I spending the school budget wisely?

Collection maps are useful for many purposes:
    • Evaluates whether the strengths of the collection match curricula outcomes and instructional needs
    • Tailors purchasing decisions
    • Plans for future directions
    • Suggests areas of weeding
    • Demonstrates areas of need and areas of excellence
    • Develops short and long term goals
    • Builds a budget plan to match curricula outcomes
    • Creates selection procedures that material collection goals
    • Determines if the collection is meeting the needs of users
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Collection Mapping Resources

Collection Development