Build A Choice Collection

Budget Process and Fiscal Management

In order to maintain or improve the school learning resource centre, the teacher-librarian must effectively manage the budget process. As a manager, the teacher-librarian must base budget choices on sound curricular needs identification, carefully monitor and account for all expenditures, implement and assess the results, and communicate purchase decisions to the learning community.
Teacher-librarians are typically in charge of specific lines in the school budget:
  • Periodicals
  • School Library Supplies
  • Print Material - Fanfiction, Reference, Graphic Novels, Expository Texts
  • Multimedia -
  • Peripherals – Flashdrives, Headsets with microphones, Video Cameras, eReaders
  • Electronic Subscriptions

Managing The School Library Budget

  1. Budget Planning – Examine available funding and identify curricular needs.
  2. Acquisition – Develop a plan for obtaining resources for the collection. These materials may be purchased, donated, exchanged, or linked.
  3. Accounting - Track expenditures, the account purchases are to be paid from, and the status of the resources.
  4. Funding Sources- Identify sources beyond the school library’s budget to help meet curricula demands

Budget Process

Collection Development