Build A Choice Collection

Analysis of Learning Community
A critical phase in collection development is the understanding and acknowledgement of the learning community.. Formal and informal resources and tools can be used to explore the needs of the community.

Inside Influences
The school library collection must strive to satisfy all the needs of its patrons. The clients include students, teachers, administrators, parents, staff, members of community, and anyone else connected with the learning community. However, the needs must be balanced against the primary purpose of a school library collection - to provide access to information related to the teaching and learning of provincial curricular outcomes.

Outside Influences
Just as the school library is part of the learning community; it is also part of a larger system that includes provincial, local, and global concerns. For example, the school division or province may have specific mandates that will impact collection development policies and procedures. It may be required to have a certain number of materials devoted to support the division’s strategic goal or program.

Resources or subscriptions supplied by outside agencies influence collection development.In Saskatchewan, electronic database subscriptions are available through the Multitype Library Board. If eliminated, the lack of current information provided by the database at no charge would have a huge impact on your collection.

Finally, the collection is also influenced by policies on Internet access and use. Censorship and Internet filtering policies affect what the learners are permitted to view.

Collection Analysis

Making informed choices helps meet your users' needs. Conducting a collection analysis will provide data about the existing collection - its age, quantity, and circulation.

Users' Needs Analysis

Polling tools such as PollDaddy and Google Forms are invaluable methods of collecting information about the resource needs of the learning community. Collaborative relationships are imperative in collection development; invite stakeholders to be involved in the process.

Collection Development